Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Updates!

Where to begin with the past week and weekend.

It was nothing, if not eventful.

It rained. Then it rained some more. And Sunday morning it rained again, flooding rain, rain that came swooshing in my garage and under the washing machine and almost into the house. (well, not really almost into the house but at 4 am it sure looked like it)

Then it stopped.

Just like that.

Heck, hope this isn't a preview of the hurricane season.

I may need to put my house up on stilts!


Treasia said...

Sorry for all the rain you had over the weekend. It rained here for close to a week as well. But much and deeply needed.

I wanted to let you know I have passed a blogger award on to you. You can pick it up at my blog when you want. Enjoy.

Bluepaintred said...

Hurricanes ( which we do not get), Tornadoes, (which we seldom get) and thunderstorms ( Which we get non stop in the summer) scare the crap out of me.

I worry about you. what if it is huricaning and the rain is coming so fast a crocodile gets swept into your pool and then, you don;t see it and it nom-nom-noms your leg!

Just be safe, thats all I am asking - and that you look in the pool before you swim!

Not a Granny said...

treasia-we need the rain, yes, but not at 4 am!! Thanks for the award!

blue-that is why I always have Not A Grampy get in the pool first. I keep adding to his life insurance.

Meg said...

Hey...GREAT blog! Thanks for stopping by mine today...we are the same age and I am soooooo not like most grannies, lol! I am going to have my first grandbaby soon and I can't wait! I am adding you to my reader today so I can catch up on your awesome looking blog.

Have a great week!

Ann(ie) said...

It didn't rain here for a friggin change. 8) But, I can completely empathize!!!

ablondeblogger said...

It rained pretty hard here this weekend, too. My husband's always happy when it rains, though, because he doesn't have to water the lawn, lol.

Here's to no hurricanes or other nasty things coming your way!

Anonymous said...

I soooo miss the rain! I grew up there and here in SoCal, they have no friggin clue ablut what "real rain" looks like. Everything here is a potential flash flood cuz all the foliage burns away every year. Traffic turns to crap cuz nobody knows that you need to drive less than 80 when it starts to rain. Damn I miss the rain!