Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Man Rant!

What is it about laundry that you just don't understand???

Hmmm??? Anyone???

How do your clothes end up on the floor on the side of the bed. I've done everything I can to get you to drop them in the laundry basket. I have even moved said basket to your side of the bed...

Checking basket and side of bed, nope, not there. Oh look, on the floor.

How in the hell do you manage to take your shirt off without unbuttoning it? Do you have any clue how long it takes to unbutton it? Why does it need to be unbuttoned? Because it won't end up knotted around everything else in the washing machine.

Hey, another tip, ashtrays are all around. Even outside they have those wonderful inventions, ashtrays. Instead of leaving your cigarette butts in your pocket, why not throw them in the ashtray...or say garbage can? Especially since you have already field stripped them.



~Tori said...

tell us how you really feel!

ablondeblogger said...

Bad man!

You'll probably hate me when I say this but my husband does all his own laundry. He won't even let me do it because he's so type A and particular. Which suits me just fine. :)

Miss Britt said...

Field stripped??

Mr. Fabulous said...

I leave my shirts buttoned. They're fine.

Chicks are nuts when it comes to laundry.

Mushy said...

You talkin' to me?

Haven't heard "field stripping" since basic training in 1964!

Nanna said...

Oh gosh, yes. One of the joys of living by myself is NOT having to deal with:

* shirts taken off two and three at a time and left that way

* Pens left in pockets which then explode all over the freaking dryer - and for which I would get blamed!

* Shirts with cheap ass lettering on them which have to be turned inside out before laundering to preserve said cheap ass lettering - only no one turns them inside out - and I was supposed to remember.

* And yes - the bedside pile. Grrrrr

Not a Granny said...

tori-wait til I get started on the garage.

blondeblogger-wanna trade? Mine cooks!

miss britt-that's when they strip the tobacco out of the cigarette butt, then stash in their pocket. It comes from military days when you couldn't throw butts on the ground.

mr fab-I bet if Mrs. Fab had a blog she would be bitching about it!!

mushy-I hate sticking my hand in his pockets and finding that crap!

nanna-then we have the ironing...which I will say he does it most of the time. I let it pile up for too long and he runs out of shirts. See, a method to my madness.

Avitable said...

I work in my underwear, so we have very little laundry. I do, however, leave my socks all over the house.

Catscratch Diva said...

Amen, Sister!

I am Trish Marie said...

If you figure out a way to solve this problem, can we then move on to the dishes left on the countertop, DIRECTLY ABOVE THE DISHWASHER? What? Is the handle stuck? The thing won't open? Are you unsure which way the cup goes in there? You made it all the way from the living room to the kicthen with that cup...yet you fall short, and leave it on the countertop?! This I will never understand.

Not a Granny said...

avitable-I've seen pictures of those socks...yukky!!

catscratch diva-Can I have another one??

trish marie-or how about when they unload the dishwasher, but leave clean dishes on the counter because the "don't know where they go"? And it's stuff that is used every day!!!!!

Tall Man Molly said...

I leave dirty Q-Tips in my pocket.....pisses Mrs. Molly off to no end.

Not a Granny said...

tall man molly-EWWWWW!!!!! I agree with Mrs. Molly.

Ann(ie) said...

Beautifully said!!!! SO beautifully said. My hubby has not been smoking lately, but those butts in the pockets....URG!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I tell my husband this all the time; ACUs were not meant to be washed with cigarette butts and other tobacco stuff in the pockets.

Those damn stains never come out.