Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Help Needed

Why do bad things always happen to good people?

Lisa at Clusterfook is beginning her 3rd battle with cancer. She has 2 children. She has family. She has friends.

We want her to take her kids to Disneyland. A great vacation, to make great memories. We need your help to make this dream come true. We need to raise some money for this family.

Go over to Miss Ann and see what she and her fabulous friends have been up to. Even a $1 donation will help. We can spare a $1 or $2. Skip your Diet Coke for two days, use your Starbucks allowance today to help someone else. Help someone create memories for their children that will live on.

Please, help Lisa and her family and keep them all in your prayers.



Tug said...

I just channeled Sally Struthers & the whole 'cup of coffee' thing on MY post for this tonight... ;-)

Ann(ie) said...

I'll visit and donate....that sweet family needs a pick me up. I'd love to help!!