Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Need a Home!!

Hi Grandma...What are you doing there? Is that my picture on your computer. Aren't I the cutest little thing!!! Can I get a little bit closer and see what you are typing???
Internets, meet my first Grandchild Gizmo. I know, I know, I always talk about the 2-legged ones, but this is the actual first one. Gizmo. He is a 5 year old full bred male Shih Tzu. He weighs 10 pounds. He owns my daughter and SIL. He is a really good dog. He is fully housebroken, doesn't run out the front door when it is open and goes on walk abouts, like someone I know. (*cough* Cesar *cough*).

Gizmo is an indoor dog who needs to find a new home....*crying in my coffee here*. Gizmo needs a home without small children. He does very well with other dogs, cats, older children, even bunnies, hey Mr. Fab you out there? He would do very well with someone who works from home and needs some loving after being kicked in the balls. On second thought, maybe not he is dark brown and black coloring, he would probably get lost in the office.

As I said, Gizmo is a house dog and would love a family. He does not tolerate toddlers or small children who would want to be picking him up all the time. Believe me, if Miss Britts children were older, I would be dropping him off on Avi's doorstep for her!!
Shih Tzu's are hypo allergenic. Which means there is no dander. They do not have fur, they have hair. Gizmo has been kept shaved pretty closely, so he will never develop the long flowing coat that they are so well known for. Besides, that long hair is a lot of work.
Look at my face!! Aren't I just the cutest little thing???
Seriously, we do need to find Gizmo a new home. He bit GK#2 in the ear this last week and drew quite the bit of blood. Gizmo does not stand a chance around my very active, sturdy 23 month old Grandchild. We are trying to avoid taking him to the SPCA. If they would take him, the local SPCA's are pretty much over capacity in our community. Due mainly to the foreclosures that Florida is going through. But that is a whole other post.
Gizmo is a great little dog and if someone in the vast blogging world of Florida is interested in this prize, you can email me at trishk_fl at yahoo dot com or post a comment here.
We may even be able to arrange visitation for a few hours, just to see how everyone gets along.


ablondeblogger said...

Awww, naughty Gizmo! And what a cutie! I wish I could take him but I have young kids and a husband who would leave me if I brought another animal home, lol.

Is the shelter near you a no-kill shelter? If not, I'm sure there are rescue groups, especially for that breed that will find them a foster home until he gets a for-real home.

Good luck!

catscratch said...

How's GK#2's ear?

I wish there was a way for me to get him from there to here. He's adorable.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't work from home! Adam does. I barely work from work. about adorable!

Nanna said...

Trish I have a baby that looks JUST like him - only white/cream colored. He adopted ME

Stacie said...

Awww...Gizmo is a cutie! I'm not "allowed" to have any more pets according to DH...I hope you find a good home for him, I'm sorry he has to go, it's so hard giving up a pet, but the reasons are completely understandable. I had to do the same myself once in the interest of safety for my child.