Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How Time Flies

I was just wished a Happy Anniversary today. Of course, I looked at the person a little wedding anniversary is in September. Did I sleep through the last 6 months???

No, I've been awake, time hasn't flown that fast. Or has it? It seems that I have been at this job 5 years as of March 1.

Can you believe it? I can't.

See, in the past 27 years I haven't held a job longer than 4 years. I think I got really close to 5 years in 1988...wait, no that was only 3 1/2.

No, I am not a flakey employee. No, I don't get fired all the time. In fact, I have never been fired. I have been laid off because of hiring freezes or cutbacks. But never fired because of job performance or anything like that.

The reason I have not had any one job longer than 4 years is because we were transferred every 3-4 years with the U.S. Coast Guard.

So, this is quite the milestone for me. While Not A Grampy celebrated his 22 anniversary with the Coast Guard by retiring, I will celebrate my 5 years with one company by having a glass of wine. (what else did you think I would do)?

Happy Anniversary to me!!


Tug said...

Happy HAPPY! I'll even have a glass of wine for you, k cool? September will mark 8 years for me here...if I make it. ;-)

ablondeblogger said...

Congrats! Now go have some hot sex to celebrate...hehe. 5 times in a row for 5 years with the company. :)

Not a Granny said...

tug-I'm enjoying a lovely Cab right now.

blondeblogger-umm...okay...but Not a Grampy isn't home yet...

Ann(ie) said...

Congrats!! I'll toast to that. ;) Twist my arm.

CatScratch Diva said...

I shall tip up my glass of Fat Bastard Chardonnay to ya tonight at dinner!!!