Monday, February 4, 2008

Did you see that Game??

I really didn't have a favorite team for this years game.

I kind of felt that maybe the Patriots deserved to win because they had been undefeated all year.

I also like to root for the underdog, so I thought it would be neat for New York to win.

I didn't expect New York to win, I didn't expect the score to be as close as it was. (I bet a lot of people didn't expect that)

I didn't expect to stay up and watch the whole game and the post game show.

I didn't expect to see one of the best SuperBowl Games in the last few years.

Now it is on to Nascar!! Woo Hoo!!


Diva said...

I love college football and rooted for the Patriots for the sake of my stepson... secretly I have a crush on the Manning boys so I was glad to see Eli get the ring.

Whatever. Glad it's over.

NASCAR is on deck. February 17th is just around the corner!!

12 days BABY!!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...


Wine and NASCAR--what could be better?