Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Click to Empower

As most of you know, I work for a domestic and sexual violence center. We are constantly searching for different ways to help suvivors begin their lives over.

Most times domestic violence victims remain with their abusers due to financial constraints. They have children who they believe, (falsely in most cases) that they are not able to support or take care of. They do not have access to the household finances. Their paychecks are turned over to the abuser, they are given a small allowance with which they must manage the household. They are not allowed to pursue their education.

There are a programs and funding sources out their that support domestic violence centers to assist these victims to escape their abuser, to move on with their lives. Sources that allow centers to counsel survivors, educate them about the dynamics of domestic violence. But that is where our assistance stops. Most times we do not have the funds to actually provide them finances for specific things.

The Allstate Foundation is trying to change that. They have established the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund. It was established by The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program to channel small grants to adult domestic violence survivors to help them achieve their educational and professional goals. This fund enables domestic violence survivors to pursue long-term financial security by providing much needed assistance to address barriers often not covered within traditional financial aid resources. It covers education, training and job-related expenses including:

Books and supplies for school
Job skills training
Certification fees
Registration fees
Requirements for jobs, such as uniforms
Child care
Public transportation
Fees for computer access

How can you help fund this program? See that button on my sidebar? The one that says "Click to Empower?" For every click The Allstate Foundation receives $1 will be donated to the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund, up to $300,000. This money will then be used by the Foundation to help survivors of domestic violence improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Do me a favor, click on it today. Now.....I'll wait.....

Thanks, now if you go to their site, you can read some Survivor stories. You can also pick up the code to install the button on your site. Just one small thing you can do to help domestic violence survivors.


Avitable said...

Clicked. They should put boobs on their site - I'd click a lot more!

Camie said...

I clicked, and also added to my myspace as well.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I clicked just for you Granny~~
Hugs and Love~~

Rose said...

Count me clicked.

Girl, Dislocated said...

Somehow I am not finding the button. Is it still up, or am I just a moron?

This is an awesome idea though.

Scout's Honor said...

I clicked. Sorry it took me so long. I have a huge, massive amount of posts to read in google reader.

Scout's Honor said...

ok, I lied. I thought it was the hearts and paws button, because duh! that would make sense to make a button donation to domestic abuse about love and animals.

chirp. chirp.

So, is the button still up? I would love to support the cause.

Not a Granny said...

Scout-yes it should be there. Just underneath the "About Me".