Monday, December 10, 2007

Mail Man Was Here!

Woo Hoo!! I got presents! I am loved!

I went to check the mail today and look what I got!!!!!

(My camera is broken, so I had borrow this picture from Mr. Fab)

That's right, my very own penis bracelet! I just can't get over the attention to detail that went into the sculpting of the penis. It even has an itty, bitty, tiny eye!

Thanks Mr. Fab!! I will treasure it always!!


Now, for another matter. I am a tad bit irritated over this. How could my daughter, the mother of GK#2, go out of her way to show me up? To show how much better she is than me? Tell me that. What kind of daughter, who supposedly loves her mother would do such a thing? And then brag about it all over the world? Hmm..what kind of daughter treats her mother that way?

Especially, after everything I have done for her!

Yup, she did the Christmas Knowledge Test and got 10 out of 10! How can she know more about Christmas than me? I taught her everything about Christmas. Without me, she would have been a Christmas Scroogette! Hmmm...Not even credit, not even a "Thanks Mom" Well that is gratitude for you. Just wait til Santa hears!!


Mr. Fabulous said...

Whoo-hoo! I am glad you got it! Enjoy!

Bluepaintred said...

so. does it fit in your mouth?

Camie said...

Hey now!! Don't hate 'cause Im great!! love ya mom

Divalicious said...

Doh, I fear this will backfire on you, my sister. Santa likes naughty girls that sassss their mothers, just ask my eldest... the brat.

Love the penis trinket. I'd be sportin that bad boy every chance I got!!!

xoxo Have a splendid day!

Avitable said...

Are you going to wear your new necklace to all the Christmas parties?

Stacie said...

Roflmao...that bracelet is sure to be a conversation piece! (hahah, I said piece) Love it!

And kids these days! no respect for their elders! hrmph! ;)