Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's A Rough Life

Dogs can be such little pains in the arse, sometimes.

I come home from work and I am greeted by the little bundle of joy I call Cesar. I let him go outside to make his "piddle." At the sound of his demanding little bark, I let him back in.

I go into the bedroom to change my clothes. My bundle of joy follows close behind. We leave the bedroom, he tags along.

I stop at the computer to do a quick email check. He brings me one of the 999,999,999,999,990 toys he has scattered throughout the house. I toss the toy, he returns it, I have to tug it out of his mouth, toss it, he returns it, I toss get the drift.

I continue to check the emails, the dog is now running around behind me like a madman. He has one of my shoes from my closet. No, he doesn't "drop it" when told to do so. Why should he? He's a dog. We chase through the house briefly, he drops said shoe when I pick up the chair.

I begin dinner preparations in the kitchen. Dog sitting on kitchen floor, staring lovingly at me. My bundle of joy begins a slight whining noise. I ask him to be patient, just a moment, I have egg, breading, goop all over my hands. Whining noise increases an octave. I ask him to please wait just a moment, whining becomes little barking noises. Please stop.

Doesn't work, barking is now in full force. In fact, wine glasses hanging in the glass rack are now making lovely pinging noises from the high pitched barking sounds. I yell at dog. He barks back.

I give up, time to feed the dog.


Bluepaintred said...

LOL Ceaser and Smokey would get along very well

Elizabeth said...

Ha. That is really funny we don't have a dog but we have two cats and the little one makes noise for her food just like a dog. It is so funny because we feed them at the same time almost everyday so you would think that she would just get in the habit but no. She still makes all this noise when she thinks she is ready to be fed. Animals are interesting creatures... :-)

Kentucky Girl said...

LMAO. It must just be a dog thing because that is EXACTLY like it is here. EX-ACT-LEEEEE.

Trisha said...

Ahhh....I have replaced the joys of dog ownership with baby ownership...also known as parenthood. I tried the little game of "just a minute baby" a few times today...I was paid for this in full with one extremely FULL diaper. Way to go mom of the year...way to go!

Jennifer said...

Eiiiiiieeeee!!! I just came over and Love your new blog layout! I know you had it changed a while ago, so yes, I suck for not coming over earlier.

Not a Granny said...

blue-yeah, my head still hurts

elizabeth-he does it whenever he sees me standing at the kitchen counter fixing anything.

kentucky girl-but that high pitched bark...goes right through me

trisha-fun times right!!

jennifer-thanks for coming by. Sheila fixed it up for me!! I PPH her!

Anonymous said...

Weird...I have three barking for food..middlle one puts her paws on the counter (grrr <---this is me) The puppy will dig in the bowl, The oldest, well she knows better, not sure how.

Lil pixie, she opens the fridge!

Marilyn said...

My dog digs in the bowl like she thinks there's more food under the plastic or something... it works though. I rush to put more food in before she splashes water all over. We need to get two dishes instead of the stupid double-dish thing.

Happy Birthday!