Monday, October 22, 2007

Different Species

What a weekend! Sheesh, I need another weekend just to recover.

The concert itself was fantastic. The company for the day long event left a little to be desired.

We headed over to the Amphitheatre with two other couples. One of them has a motorhome and we figured we could park it outside the Amphitheatre and have a tailgate party there. We had food, beer (of course) more food and more beer. We arrived about 1:30pm.

Concert did not start til 7:30 pm.

I had to be back at the Triathlon the next morning at 5:30 am (and yes, the other couples both knew this).

Originally, Not a Grampy and I decided that we would just drive ourselves down later, meet them have some food and drink with them, then after the concert we would be able to drive ourselves home at a half way decent hour.

Did I happen to mention that the other two couples both brought their children? Both daughters ages 7 and 9.

Note, my mention of beer above.

Everything started out fine, but a couple of the women (not me I had to be functioning the next morning) were well on their way by about 5:00. Had a lot of fun, playing frisbee, tossing the football.

Things went down hill fast after the concert. Not A Grampy and I made it back to the motorhome before the others. We had different seats. So we sat and waited. Watched all the people getting back to their cars..and we waited...and we waited.

We actually heard them before we saw them. Quite messed up were both of the ladies and one of the men. Not our driver, thank goodness.

Everyone piles into the motorhome, including the two children. Parents of children are trashed. A knock on the door, child opens door (not sure about that), woman at door wants to use the bathroom, male owner motorhome, father of daughter who opened the door, says, " No, we are on our way out."

Meanwhile, wife, mother of daughter, says "FU, of course she can pee..." in a very slurred and hard to understand voice.

Things went to hell in a hand basket from there. Both couples began fighting, children are screaming "shut up" "stop it", strange woman pushes her way in and uses the bathroom. It got really ugly, lots of foul language. All in front of their children.

Sad part is, one of the mothers is a counselor for sexually abused children and can't see the own abuse she is doing to her own daughter.

I just wanted to go home. We finally got home at 1:30 am.


Bluepaintred said...

now that is sad

Why bring the kids when they know there is alcohol first of all??

Tug said...

Pathetic. Those poor kids...

Camie said...

wow..guess you left out a whole story when I asked how the concert was. And all I have to say is that everytime, and YES, everytime you attended any function with those people, these things always happen!!!LOL

ADW said...

I have a relative who gets drunk in front of her kids quite often and then bitches about her sister who is an even bigger drunk. It's quite odd to me that she doesn't realize how she is behaving.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, they really should at least get a babysitter so their kinds don't have to witness that stuff! Crazy! As for random women asking to use the bathroom, a little weird but interesting???

yakimafarmgirl said...

Yikes! Doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun! Always good to have your own transportation - I'm sure you've noted that for next time :-(

Sugar Queens Dream said...

That sucks!