Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

In the United States a great majority of people are enjoying today off.

In some parts of the country, this is the last day of summer fun before children start back to school.

The last day that women are supposed to wear any white.

There will be picnics, cookouts, family gatherings. The last long weekend holiday of the summer season.

The Labor Day holiday is 125 years old! It grew out of a celebration and parade in honor of the working class by the Knights of Labor in 1882 in New York. In 1884, the Knights held a large parade in New York City celebrating the working class. The parade was held on the first Monday in September. The Knights passed a resolution to hold all future parades on the same day, designated by them as Labor Day.

Now that you have had your history lesson for the day, go forth, burn those hotdogs, enjoy the hampburgers and enjoy the last holiday of the summer!!


*~*Cece*~* said...

Ugh no partying for me, did enough of that last night! lol Hope you have the day off!

Not a Granny said...

cece-yup, I was very slow on Sunday...