Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Argh 11

Still no internet or phones at home. Do you know how bored I was last night?

I actually watched the "On the Road with 16 Children" and "Half Ton Man" on TLC????

Alarm system at the house was kind of repaired last night, no phone line yet. A large phone company in Florida, who shall remain nameless, (has a "zon" in the name and rhymes with Horizon), is busy dicking us around.

So we are switching to cable. That will be done Wednesday morning. YEAH!!! Maybe I will be back online at home. (trying to sneak this while at work is really a pain).

Wonder what ridiculous show is on tonight?

Does anyone want to call me and waste their cell phone minutes?


ADW said...

I am switching ASAP because assjack Time Warner does not have the Big Ten network. Jerkoffs.

chlorinejenny said...

I want to say thanks for the award you gave me a couple of days ago!


kayli_k42 said...

i watched "on the road with 16 children" this weekend...umm excepd i'm a huge nerd and I watch TLC and Discovery health all the time (shh) and I'll have you know that the mom had ANOTHER kid so that makes 17 (she has to be nuts!) but I do have to say that I hope when i have kids they behave half as well as all 16 of hers do!

Not a Granny said...

adw-maybe tonight I will be back up and running!!

chlorinejenny-your welcome and well deserved!

kayli-another child??? OMG, I just could not imagine trying to feed all those kids.

Amy said...

Gah... I would lose my MIND without the internet. I SOOOO feel for you!!