Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you ever reallly thought about domestic violence?

Have you ever heard a disturbance at a neighbors home and wondered?

When you see inappropriate behavior, do you say anything? What is inappropriate?


Check out this video: Domestic Violence

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If you were in a restaurant and saw this would you speak up?

What makes it okay when it is in the home?

Every 15 minutes in the United States alone a woman is beaten by someone who claims to love her.

Worldwide it is about every 3 minutes...

1 out of 4 females in the United States will be raped sometime in their life.

WTF people?

And the HUGE Headline the last week has been that Michael Vick ran a dog fighting ring.

Home Front Calgary
created and produced this video and another one titled "Boardroom".


Bluepaintred said...

That was nasty. And unfortunately, not unimaginably real.

Dan said...

I abhor men who physically and/or emotionally abuse women. They're the lowest form of life.

My very dear friend Tina is very interested in this cause and I will send her over to watch this. Brilliant video.

Thanks for visiting my blog my friend! That was very nice of you.

Not a Granny said...

blue-there is a second one also, "Board Room"

Dan-thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy your site and will be returning!

Phil said...

I am so sick of this Michael Vick thing. He needs to be stuck in a pit with the dogs. So many important things happened over the past few weeks that need more attention other than he is not going to be paid millions of dollars this year. Just goes to show where our values are here in this United States.

Trisha said...

Wow! See the father of my little girl was not physically abusive he was incredibly MENTALLY abusive. He would never hesitate to point out any mistake I made in public and try to bring it to every one's attention. He'd do it around strangers, friends, family...didn't matter. So yeah, I see that in men and I do NOT hesitate to bring attention to what an ass he is and I'd be the first on the phone with police if I saw anything like that.

That's no man...that's an animal!

Not a Granny said...

Hi Phil-Aren't we all? But the point is, why did this make all the headlines, but the woman beaten with the children in the next room is accepted?

Trisha-yeah, I checked out his myspace early are so much better and deserve so much better!! Luv ya

fear.of.landing said...

What a powerful video, thanks for sharing it on your blog. As a social worker I have dealt with more than my share of these people and they "can't help it" but they sure do manage to control it with other people?! Go figure