Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buick Electra

Monday I wrote about my beautiful car, 1962 Buick Electra 225 Convertible. Love that baby.

I grew up in a town in Central Washington State. It is well known for being the Apple Capitol of the World. In fact, we buy their apples here in our grocery stores in Florida and I bet most of you do in your local stores. It was a small town. Population 5,000 when I was a child/teenager.
(it has grown considerably since, due to housing prices in California for one thing).

My father was born and raised in that town. As were his 5 brothers and sisters. His father was born and raised in that town. As were his 7 brothers and sisters. Most of everyone still lived there. I had lots of cousins around all the time. They were hell raisers as kids/teenagers/young adults. Hated by local law enforcement. So all the offspring were also hated by default (or so we were told by our parents), even though we never had any run ins with local law enforcement. *cough cough*

When my father turned over the car keys, he told me..."this is the only car like it in town".."people will come up to you and ask you to sell it..." He was right, people did come up to me and want to know if it was for sale.

Remember, I said in the earlier post that the car had been owned by my father's cousin, prior to him buying. So the car was well known as belonging to the family.

I should have been paying attention when dad said "it is the only car like it in town.." Remember me saying my father was born and raised in that town. Remember me saying that local law enforcement hated my father's generation.

My father was a mind reader. He could project himself and see what I was doing at all times. I would come home from wherever and he would report to me everything I had done, everywhere I had been, who I was with, who was in the car with me. If he wasn't waiting up for me when I got home, he would provide all the information in the morning.

It took me about a year to realize what was happening. "it is the only car like it in town" My father and his family have been in this town for 999,999,999,999 years....DUH!!!

Yup, everywhere I went someone, somewhere would either call my father, or tell him at work the next day. Law Enforcement would even stop by the plant where he worked and tell him if I was "cruising the ave" too much. Or being out of control while cruising. They never pulled me over, they just told my dad. (I wish they had pulled me over).

And those trying to buy the car...yeah spies for my father...

I love my dad!!!


Tug said...

I get this. I had a '64 Chevy Impala a COUNTY of about 2000. ;-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I knew you were trouble as a kid. I could tell.

Lynda said...

So the car didn't keep as many secrets as you thought it did.

Not a Granny said...

Tug-it's amazing how inventive our parents were.

Mr. Fab-I was the angel of the family...still am..

lynda-you know, you're right..(well she hasn't told what went on inside..)