Monday, August 13, 2007

10 Things!

Avitable was having a "Lazy Sunday" and created this survey and since I am in complete awe of his creating talents! (take a look at Postcard Hell) plus he scares me just a little...

If you decide to fill out the questions be sure to link back to him, or else! (those are his words not mine!!)

1. If I showed up at your house randomly next week, what would we do together?

Well, we are having our "Hideous Hat and Hawiian Shirt" party, so I guess you would enjoying the party.

2. Rather than saying "I have a blogger friend", or "I have a friend who's a blogger", there should be a word for this that makes it less awkward to say. Would you prefer "blend", "frogger", "bluddy", "blogquaintance", or "webbud"? Or do you have a better idea?

I like webbud...sounds like sex.

3. If we were hanging out together and you noticed that my balls were hanging out of my shorts, would you tell me or try to maintain eye contact and talk to me?

Oh I would definitely tell you, after I had taken pictures and posted them on the internet.

4. If you had no neighbors, would you buy curtains for your windows? Why or why not?

No neighbors=No curtains. If you have no neighbors there isn't anything to try and hide. I only have curtains because I don't want the neighbors to see how much wine I really drink.

5. Who would you rather fuck: Dan Rather or Betty White?

Ugh...neither. Now if they want to do each other...that's up to them.

6. If two girls walk into a bathroom and they both find a newly born baby in the toilet at the same time, should they have to wrestle in oil while nude to claim the baby as theirs, split it in half and share it, or sell it on the black market and divide the proceeds?

I think they should wrestle in oil, nude. But really, why would the girls want the baby anyway?

7. Do you believe in ghosts, aliens, heaven, or mothers-in-law? Why or why not?

Of course I believe in ghosts, aliens, heaven and mothers-in-law. Because I have either seen or been one or the other.

8. What was your most embarrassing moment of your life and do you have pictures or video that you will share with me?

Not going to share that, and no you cannot have the video.

9. Do you know where I put my sunglasses?

On top of your head? Or did you leave them in the UHaul?

10. What aspect of your own blogging do you wish you could improve and why? Would you pay money for lessons taught by me to improve that skill? How much? And what's your credit card number?

I wish I could remember to use the spell check, (oops let's do that right now) and put some of those neat smileys on here. I don't have any money to pay you, Avitable, won't you do it for free??

Okay, anyone else who wants to take a chance go right ahead.

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Avitable said...

I don't do anything for free! I'm a capitalist and a money-grubbing sociopath who hates everyone.