Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where is a Cop when you need one?

Tell me something. What is it about summer, heat, and roads that make people drive like idiots? It really must be something in the smell of the car after it has been sitting in the hot sun all day. Or maybe it has something to do with the sun in your eyes as you are driving down the road and the car hasn't quite cooled off enough for you yet.

It never fails, you see some idiot on the road and you think.."where is a cop when I need one." or you think..."buddy if there was a cop right now, I would so be laughing at you.."

I drive an hour to work each way. It is only 36 miles each way but it takes about an hour. The first 1/2 hour consists of me stopping at Dunkin Donuts for my Large Iced Coffee with cream and sugar. Thee rest of the first 1/2 hour is city traffic, with stop lights, school buses, seniors trying to get to breakfast before their Dr. appts. The second 1/2 hour is a wonderful 2 land highway, stretching out before you, with cows, and fields...just wonderful. The speed limit on this road is 55 mph, but in the mornings you can get away with between 62 and 64.

Now, I am not a speed demon by any means. But I do keep up with traffic, so I usually am doing 63 or so. This morning, I notice in my rear view mirror one of those crotch rocket motorcycles and a car racing behind me on this lovely two lane road. Now, note I said racing...what they were actually doing was taking turns passing each other and every other car in their way. Doing at least 90. They were passing in double yellow line areas, hills, curves, wherever and whenever they could. Of course,as they whipped by me, I thought..."where is a cop when you need one?" I watched them go a little further and they disappeared from sight.

A few miles up the road the cars ahead of me started slowing up a bit. That either means a cow is loose along side the road or someone has hit a dear.... People weren't slamming on the brakes, just slowing up. Yup, my wish had come true. Both vehicles were pulled over by 4, count them 4 State Troopers! I was laughing andd cheering as I drove by...I really wanted to honk the horn, but I thought drawing attention to myself at 63 mph might not be a good idea!


Bluepaintred said...


that is the best ever! but you know it could have been four state troopers and a morgue van, the way they were driving.

dont you have laws that state you have to slow to 'x' mph whine passing emergency vehicles?

we do

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hi , Just saw your comment at my blog... Returning the love.... Nice place you have here !!

Not a Granny said...

Blue-if you have room you are supposed to move over a lane, unless they are right on the side of the road then you have to slow to 45. They were off the road in a field.

Sugar queen dream-Thank you for stopping by!

kayli_k42 said...

I hate croch rockets! Okay..maybe that was wrong, I don't like it when idiots drive them! Last summer this guy driving crazy behind me and started weaving in and out of people on a 4 lane roade (2 lanes one way and 2 lanes the opposite way with NO barrier). Anyway, the speed limit is 40 and he was going at least 65-70 and he hit an SUV and his bike flew OVER it! He didn't get hurt AT ALL and now he is trying to sue the driver of the SUV...IDIOT!