Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy 40th Birthday Donna!

Well, her birthday was actually last week, Friday the 6th to be exact.

Donna is my best friend. We have done and been through quite a bit together. Our husbands were in the Coast Guard together, when she got divorced Not a Grampy and I were there, when her other relationships blew up in her face, we were there. We took her on vacations, included here in the big family get to-gethers that happen here. She was invited and included in every facet of our lives. In fact, she lived with Not A Gramp and me for 18 months while she saved money to buy her own place. (which she never did save any money) She is also the God Mother for GK #2.

We have known Donna for 15 years now. She has known her boyfriend Ed for 10 months. She moved in with Ed 5 months ago.

Today is a surprise birthday party for Donna's 40th Birthday. Last weekend we found out that there is a surprise birthday party for her today. Now, due to my surgery I am not able to attend, but it would have been nice to have heard about it by the person responsible for invitations, instead of third hand.

Ed was supposed to call us and tell us about it ahead of time so we weren't surprised when we heard about it from the third party, he didn't. Actually, another friend was leaving a get together we were at and gave me a hug and whispered "see you at my house next weekend right?" and I'm like "for what?", she said " for Donna's surprise party, Ed was supposed to call you." Needless to say, she was as shocked as Not A Grampy and I were. Of course, Ed was sitting right behind me and Donna was out of the room, so when I turned and said "what the f**k, he said "I have your invitation in my pocket." with a shrug and a no big deal grin on his face.

When we left he rushed out and handed us our invitation...well, we think it is ours, it was addressed to Krysten & Sam (by the way that is not our names and I don't know who they are to even pass it on, if that was his intention). The other invitation is blank, so I am to assume that he forgot who we were and wanted us to pass on an invitation to Krysten and Sam?

From what I can gather, neither my daughter or her husband (Donna's Godchild's parents are invited either).

So to my best friend Donna, Happy Surprise Birthday Party. Wish we could be there. I know Camie, Jeremy, Kathy, Matt, Laure, Deidre, Steve, Claire, Dann and Lynette probably would have loved to be there also or at least invited. But, it appears, we are of the life Ed doesn't want you to have anything to do with anymore.


Anonymous said...

well, just remember mom that it was Ed you planned to suprise party, not Donna and Im sure that when she finds out, hopefully she will rectify the situation...loveya

Not a Granny said...

Actually, it was Kerry & Kim. Laure was asked to get Carabbas phone numbers and names, Ed, I suppose, was asked to get the others. Doubt she does anything, except defend him!

Bluepaintred said...

awww. suckage. IMO, when a man ( or woman) is controlling enough to have their S.O cut off a portion of their friend network, it means they will go on to be controlling about other things as well.

most hyper-controlling people also abuse their S.O