Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of Stalkdom

Hello blogging world. Hmm...doesn't sound quite right. Okay, doesn't really matter.

I have been stalking several wonderful bloggers for the last couple of months....Yes, I am one of those people..but, you guys are wonderful. It actually started on my local newspaper the St. Petersburg Times, Jan Weisner's husband has been sent to Iraq..she is doing a blog on life at home with children while hubby is gone. Long story short, she posted a link to "Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper"...well that hooked me, between that, "Bluepaintedred" "Seriously", "Avitable", "Have a Drink for Me", well, you get the drift. (By the way,don't yell at me, I don't know how to get that wonderful link in your names to your blog

I then wandered over to "Amy's" blog and found her store. She has some great Grandmother stuff...T-Shirts that say.."My Grand kids are Cuter than Yours" and a lot of other things for grandmas. Well, I dropped her a quick email and asked if she could put the saying on something other than t-shirts....ummm I like tank tops, baby doll shirts, etc. Just because my children blessed me with their offspring..(who are angels and never do anything wrong and never cry at granny's house) doesn't mean I am ready for Depends, false teeth, or lots of cats. Don't get me wrong, I like cats, but I don't want to be a crazy old cat woman. Okay, off topic. Quick Trish get to the point...Amy emailed me and had my shirts....I am ordering lots, 1 for my mother (who also became a grandmother and then a great grandmother at very young age), and my daughter's MIL who is wonderful and too young for this, but nothing for my son's MIL (they are the red necks from he**) That family is a whole monthly post on their own....

What I am trying to say, her store ( I would post a link if I knew gave me the idea finally for my blog. I am not your typical Granny...I have tattoos, I am pierced, I have been happily married to a retired member of the US Coast Guard for almost 20 years, and I am getting my boobs done next week!!!

So, here I am..just wait for the next issue!


Bluepaintred said...

hey hi! how are ya?

I got new boobies in June of 04.

they freaking rock!

I had a reduction, but still, firm, uplifted, fresh boobies!

want I should email you a tutorial on linkage?

Avitable said...

Nice job on your first post!

Sheila said...

Hello there! Congratulations on starting a blog!!

Its really easy to make a link, once you've been shown how.

Try this tutorial, and let me know if you have any questions.

We'll see ya around, I'm sure!

NotaGranny said...

blue-thanks for the offer, Sheila gave me a link to the help. Sheesh, you would think I would start there. Believe,the 11th can't get here soon enough.

Avi-thanks for stopping by

Sheila-Thank you for stopping by. I will read the help now!

Kentucky Girl said...

Yay! Welcome to blogdom! :D

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Hey...nice to meet ya! I can see your blog will put a smile on everyones face for sure.

Crystal said...

Welcome! thanks for the link and I'm glad to see you adding your voice out here :)